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Friday, March 15, 2013

Garden Slacker

OK, I'll admit it; I've been a garden slacker of late. I've also been a slacker posting to this blog. Call it temporary burnout, laziness or just plain ambivalence, I've been rather neglectful. In fact, the most I've done since last fall is harvest and crisp up the copious amounts of kale that has overwintered, prune out the dysfunction on the blueberry shrubs and plant some seeds in starter cups. Whoopee. I've thought a lot about the blog. I've read a lot of other garden blog posts.

My lovely daughter and her new hubby
Not that I didn't have a lot going on. To start, I graduated with my degree in Horticulture. Finally. I've been working part-time at a local plant nursery. OK. And my daughter just got hitched. Even though I didn't do much in the planning of the wedding, thinking about it took copious amounts of mental energy and I did knit her a shawl which took copious amounts of my evenings. All would have been something to write about, announce, etc. but it just didn't happen. Nope, couldn't make myself do it.

Of course I had grand plans for this blog. I was a legend in my own mind. Unfortunately, the grand plans never made it to posts. So, to catch up here's my New Years resolutions to start:
  1. Stop procrastinating. New years resolutions in March - really?
  2. Post at least once a week. At least make an effort
  3. Organize your seed packs. I mean how many more packs of unopened kohlrabi do I need.
  4. Finish spreading the arborist chips on the lawn.
  5. Finish the green roof on the garden shed.... ROLAND!
So, in the spirit of new beginnings, here it goes.


  1. Personally, I've never understood why it's "pro" crastination. . . since it's generally a negative trait. So I call it "crastination". You should at least post a pic of the shawl. ;-)

    I just delivered my son's Christmas gift - a Cobblestone sweater which fortunately fits & he loves. And I'm getting ready to start Spring housecleaning now. I'm on 2009.

    p.s. I know where you can get free sheep manure. . .

  2. Fantastic learning guys! I’m a die heart fan of your respective blog site.

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