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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Marcel is the Reincarnation of Floyd

Folks, we have a problem child. Our tuxedo cat Marcel, is 2-1/2 years old and is already our $600 free cat. If you recall, the first $400 was when he went missing the first time and a neighbor on the other side of a busy road 6 blocks away found him in her kitchen and took it upon herself to have him neutered, chipped and vaccinated at Cats Expensive before we got him back.

The next vet bill came when he went for a ride on top of Roland's van before bailing and splitting his lip open on landing. That was $200.

This next exploit didn't cost us money, but Marcel went missing for three days, only for Roland to discover him howling, locked inside of the neighbor's detached storage shed. He got grabbed and carried home across the street to get food and water.

The other week, he came home with a plastic bag tied around his neck with a note in it. The person who wrote it wondered if he belonged to anyone and if not, they would like to keep him. It turned out that the note writer is the neighbor behind us who adopted Goki when the neighbor to the south moved away. Goki passed away and they were looking for another cat. Roland, in so many words told them to take a number.

There's a long line of neighbors who would love to adopt Marcel. He visits everyone, especially when there's kids and cat treats involved. He has specific spots he likes to hang out in so he can ambush Mamah, Furbert and Snorky on tootsie walks around the block. He also stays out in all sorts of nasty weather, only to show up soaking wet, which he doesn't seem to mind given the thickness of his coat.

I found this cartoon posted on my Facebook wall which pretty much sums up his life. The only difference is that the sofa may change day to day.