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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Who the Heck is SDOT?

Several of you wanted to know what SDOT stands for. Technically, it is the Seattle Department of Transportation, but I have a few titles of my own that are far more descriptively accurate of this entity:

Seattle Department of Totalitarianism
Seattle Department of Tyranny
Seattle Department of Torture
Seattle Department of Turkeys (although I wouldn't want to insult these intelligent creatures)
Seattle Dysfunctional Office of Twits
Seattle Disorganization of Twaddle

Of course they serve a real function of keeping our roads drivable enough, managing the remnants of our infrastructure. In fact, they are actually trying to become rather progressive. This transformation is evident in that the plethora of potholes which exist remain unfilled because SDOT can then claim they use a permeable paving material as part of the city's storm water management plan.

And of course, our experience is all part of the City of Seattle's push to make the city government more "people friendly and accessible," so said Mayor Mike McGinn during a conversation we had with him when he was campaigning at a Seattle Tilth event. Consequently, SDOT is making sure that they follow that prime directive, no?

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